Repair Grass Damage from SH spill?

Our guys were mixing up some house wash mix in a bucket. They had the bucket in the grass instead of the rocks or concrete (like they were trained!). They spilled a little over and it created a ring in the grass.

Do any of you guys have any tricks up your sleeves with maybe something we can spray or put on there to help the grass come back? Thanks!

Try to heavily dilute it, or cut the patch out and grab it from another part of the yard. I think its too far too late though trying to save the current grass.

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I concur. Can’t bring back dead stuff.

Also, I would add some hydrogen peroxide into the dirt. It helps oxygenate the soil.

Ok, thanks for the replies! Do you think the grass will grow back after a month or two or is it permanently gone and need to be reseeded? I haven’t seen it yet, be apparently it is only a round ring from the bucket.

The soil PH is probably no good right now so reseeding may be difficult. I would dig out that area and get the soil and just see if its ok with the homeowner to take another section so from a back corner or somewhere so that the patch matches the rest of the lawn.

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If it’s a grass that spreads via rhizomes such as Kentucky bluegrass the dead spots will fill in. If it’s something like fescue you’ll have to seed or sod it. If it’s just a ring from a bucket dig up a few strips from an inconspicuous area like along some landscaping edging blocks and transplant it.

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My best recommendation is to bring scissors and cut off the yellow bits. Seriously, that’s the easiest, and the grass should blend back together.


About a month ago. I dumped a sprayer full of 50:50 on my lawn, thinking it was water.

I don’t think it is coming back any time soon.


Just wanted to update this post. The spot in the yard was about the same as the pic above. Took $$ off the bill and the customer was satisfied. That was easier and less time consuming than trying to repair it myself or trying to find someone to do it. Thanks again for all the input!