Removing water from low spot

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Customer has a backyard patio with poor drainage. I’m not looking to get some permanent, expensive setup, could I just get a used sump pump and drain the dirty water out? I believe there’s an electrical outlet nearby.

Better ideas that don’t cost much?

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Sounds like you may want a sludge pump


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A floor squeegee, rinse, squeegee again?

Probably have to go with a pump, patio has no real drainage.

Sludge pump works like a hot damn. One of my better investments on “test” equipment. $100 or so at Pressuretek


I use mine more then I ever thought I would. In one instance I attached 30’ of pool vacuum hose with duct tape. It works great. I think I learned about it in @Racer flatwork video

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If only they’d ship to Australia! That’s another thing on my wish list, along with a high draw injector :roll_eyes:
these guys sell them

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Cheers Steve! I’ll check this out today!

…do you know of a quality high draw injector?

I tried EnviroSpec, they look really good - but they won’t ship here.

Same place sells most things you will need, there are about 3 other online pressure washing suppliers in Australia.

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