Removing tip under pressure

Ran across this question, … throwing it out here
Tip is clogged and can’t be remove it because the lines are stuck under pressure. How do I remove under pressure?

Cut machine off

Lines will still be under pressure

Pull trigger til they arent… or unloader should bypass???

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Pulling trigger doesnt work.

Unloader…uhmmm…dont think will work even if you turn machine off.

Unloader would bypass while machine running… once off then pressure no longer building.

Hopefully someone smarter than us can give insight

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Hold on, if tip is clogged and off the trigger, water is bypassed… should be able to take tip off at that point.

No longer building but pressure still trapped…


No different than switching tips while washing though… right? I could aee the issue if removing the gun, but at the tip without trigger down should be ok???

Tips clogged.
Cant be unclogged
Pulling trigger wont unclog tip

Dont pull trigger, and take it off. No different than switching out tips on jrod

And the pressure?

How do u switch between tips while washing? If its a QC, itll come off no problem. Now if taking off the gun with pressure still building might be a difficult task.

Think of using ball valve to switch between SC and Gun. Close ball valve and its not an issue. Same thing with a tip and gun.

Try unscrewing the lines from the quick connect. Worked for me once.

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Use a dental pic to unclog the tip. You should be able to move whatever is there long enough to release enough pressure


You can’t unplug the tip if it is under pressure. Just slowly open a connection on the reel or pump somewhere and let the pressure slowly bleed off

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Flow unloader will. I have one, works great for that purpose.

That has the potential to dislodge debris at 3k psi and hurtle it toward your eyes.


what is that?

you mean a QC and/or nipple?
I think unscrewing a nipple slowly