Removing Spray Foam

I was asked to quote a brick home wash in a well-to-do area that has this particular home going through some serious renovations. 1950’s brick home that has had some repair to a few sections of bricks and mortar and my job would be to clean all the brick to the best of my ability so that a mason can come in and dye mortar where needed so that it looks uniform around the whole home. My biggest challenge is going to be cleaning brick that used to be part of a wine cellar. This particular area (two walls that would be equal to say a 20’ x 30’ room) has residue left over from the spray foam insulation that was originally applied to the brick many years ago. Contractor has tried several different acids with no luck, and found the “best” results from taking a wire wheel and grinding away at it in small sections.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or found a chemical (@CaCO3Girl) that can be applied (whether sprayed or brushed on) that will either dissolve the old spray foam residue or allow it to be more easily washed off with reasonable pressure?

Money appears to be not a problem here per the contractor and as I was on scene they were starting on the $1,000,000 (yeah that’s a million) landscape. But, with that stated, I’m just a small-time guy who IS NOT wanting to spend a whole day grinding the wall with a wire wheel. They’ve already installed brand new copper gutters along the drip edges and I have to clean a few chimneys that are no doubt going to need some careful SH loving.

I appreciate any input.

Contact a manufacturer or 2. Their engineers should know. Explain the situation. The different “brands” should mostly be the same product.

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It’s going to be some type of solvent. Acetone works great but probably not a good idea to dump a bunch of it.

Be careful with the SH around copper!

I’ve never had any experience with this. If it were me I would go to the grocery store or Home Depot and buy varying chemicals. Rubbing alcohol, vinegar, drain cleaner, two different types of toilet bowl cleaner (including one with Hydrofluoric), drain cleaner….etc.

Then I’d apply IN SEPARATE AREAS!!! And test them all out. Apply with a qtip, saturate surface, leave on for 10 minutes, and rinse with water. See if anything can break it.

ive got a 5000psi pump for 500hundy if you want i