Removing Rust from a trailer

One of my trailers is starting to rust up a bit. I’m not ready to repaint yet, so im not sure Naval Jelly is a good choice.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a product that would just remove some surface rust?


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I would probably either use a grinder and a wire wheel or a rust encapsulator such as Por 15. Just be sure to chip off any loose paint first. They also have a rust dissolver but I’ve never used it. Eastwood has some decent paint supplies at decent prices but I don’t know how they compare to Por 15 products. If you’re just touching up to put off painting a little longer I would go for Eastwood products. I’m sure there are others out there too that would work well.


Ugh. Rust. My phone is rusting while typing this! (It’s THAT bad here)

I’ve found it easier to just neutralise it until you’re ready for grinding etc.

Find something like this below. It works right before your eyes and turns it black. Stops it for months.

Excellent thats helpful.

Thanks both of you