Removing parking lot striping

Iv’e read some old post from 2014 but I’m wondering if anyone has some better suggestions to remove striping. So far I have found heat, turbo and chemical to loosen it up. I cannot find a mention of a specific chemical. I’m guess its just jasco or similar. Anyone have experience with this?

Haha I saw a media blasting company doing this a couple weeks ago. Not familiar with chemicals, but maybe you can subcontract it to a sand blaster.

Or rent one of these!

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I saw a big pressure company did the wire brush method with something the size of a bobcat. Looked like crap. Id try media blast.

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Iv’e seen that too. Looks like a viable option if I could find one to rent.

The local public works guys use a propane torch. I am not sure of the quality of the results.

Check sunbelt rentals.

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There’s a guy Jerry Blackwell or something like that always posting parking lot striping videos on Facebook groups Reach out to him.

I just found a video using sand blasting with amazing results. Looking into rentals now

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Most companies use water blasting to remove paint strips . Usually around 5gpm@30000 psi

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Are you trying to remove from asphalt or concrete?

Both. Both

5k with rotating nozzle will usually get the job done on concrete. Asphalt will typically be sealed or top coat, then re-stripe.



Don’t get easily distracted. You’re always asking about esoteric things. Focus on your washing. In your market you should be able to make an absolute fortune. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Specialists make a lot more than generalists. Decide what you want to do and be the absolute best at it. Who cares how you get striping off. That’s not what you do.


Need to include it in a pressure washing quote. I plan to sub it out but I want to be sure it’s being done correctly at a fair price prior to me submitting that quote. I’m trying to get myself into more commercial work so I need to get familiar with all things involved, even if I don’t do it myself. Learning from others before me has been hugely beneficial thus far, I don’t plan to stop now. I do see your point though.

100% agree!

But jobs like this help you find good subcontractors so you can still make money without much effort.

In March I’ll probably seal a couple patios just to fill the calendar. Early on you do what you can to make money while marketing like a specialist. My first year I washed decks and fences. Won’t do it now unless there’s a wide open day.

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Would you mind sharing one of your commercial bids/proposals? I’m not interested in price, but rather format. All of the commercial work I’ve done thus far hasn’t been much different then my residential quotes. 1-2 page estimate

Long read, great info…everything you need to know from the source.


Page 35

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Thanks. Ive been reading around here and there but nothing like the source.