Removing Paint Bleed from Vinyl Siding

I just washed a house with cream colored vinyl siding with red shutters.
The paint from the shutters had bled down onto the siding.
Anyone know of a product & or method to remove this red paint stains from the vinyl?

Or, If any one can say what NOT to use, before I started testing.


I have a couple homes near my shop that have this and wondered what you could do to take care of this. Tan siding red shutters

  1. Avoid red shutters.

  2. Try graffiti remover. I watched a couple videos the other day about graffiti remover on vinyl and it looked like it worked out great. Video never shows if it removed any oxidation or not though so tread lightly.

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I have old houses where the oxidation from the shutters had been running down the siding for years causing a light stain. I tell them I can’t get it off in my estimate. Unless they are calling you to get rid of that stain it won’t stop them from hiring you. Trying different products to get a stain off that the customer doesn’t care about could open a can of worms.

Interesting! I’m wondering if this is some sort of latex paint that seems to bleed. SH mix was super light and downstreamed but this wood seems to need a repainting regardless…

On second thought looks like the rest of the mildew just needs cleaning and paint is fine…