Removing overspray from a black top sealcoat

I’ve been approached by a PM who’s needing to have some vinyl siding and aluminum garage doors cleaned after a contractor had some over spray whole sealcoating their paking areas. We’ve just added house washing as a service to our window cleaning business last year and don’t have any experience with this type of clean up. Can you offer any advice on what chems to use to remove the overspray? A heavy degreaser?

I’ve never had to deal with this scenario before ,but youtube had this available

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Ok this is going to sound off the wall and backwards but… try a test spot using WD40. I had some road tar on a car onetime and I took it to a guy and he busted out the WD40. It dissolved the tar without damaging the paint and then the WD40 washes off with soap and water. If it works on the test spot you can buy it in 1 gal cans and then use a pump up sprayer to apply.

Told you it would sound off the wall!

Thanks fellas