Removing Latex Paint From Concrete

A parent from a Project Graduation group reached out to me trying to get a quote for removing paint from parking spots painted for their event. The school would not allow them to just paint over the spots. Due to covid it was canceled and their budget was very small. The last company who did it turned them down. I said I’d do it for free. Knowing full well this was a monster of a job I asked local washers to help me out. 9 amazing companies turned out to spend 5 hours knocking this out so the group could function next year.

I advised them to use sidewalk chalk next year.

I highly recommend you do not take on a job like this. I would have needed to charge $5k easily to make it worth my time.

We tried:
Paint/Epoxy Remover
Paint Stripper (worked best)
Citricel Stripper
Paint Thinner
Goo Gone Stripper

In the end turbo nozzles and brute force got it done.


Your actions and of the other companies is the best kind that can be used to have free publicity.
The parents should share your actions and the results on the local facebook groups. Also is a good story for the local newspaper, nextdoor app or any local news website.
Good job ! The picture with all the trucks and trailer is priceless!!!

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I echo this. Names of the companies who participates should be mentioned in the paper and school activity flyers. You all are basically sponsors now.

@Stephen_Anne @Seandz

All companies are being listed as sponsors for the group. All are good ideas.

For reference:
Texas Pressure Washing (my company)
Premier Power Washing Solutions
StreamWash Pressure Washing
Kingsmen Pressure & Soft Washing Services
RC Handyman Services
Cantu’s Exterior Soft Wash and Pressure Washing Solution
Falcon Pressure Washing Services
Super Exterior Cleaning
LS Services


I turn down paint removal jobs EVERY time. They never work that great and 9 times out of 10 pressure washing is not the answer to paint removal. Most home owners think the power washer is a magical eraser and can strip paint from wood so easily.

*Hi, I’m look to get some old paint removed from our fence


I had an elementary school call me Saturday for concrete paint removal…I am going to decline.

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Why not use the sand blaster accessory? I’ve never used it, but I don’t rule out much.

That’s a good idea but I didn’t have one. Nor did anyone else.

This was latex on asphalt? Did you use heat and stripper? From my understanding your asphalt gets pretty hot down there so maybe they have additives in your paint to help fight the heat. I’m not sure, but I am a curious monkey.

No it was concrete. I’d have passed on asphalt.

Now get them to clean the rest of the concrete! How did the water situation work having all those rigs together?

2 connections and good flow. We rotated smaller rigs through.

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