Removing BEHR Premimum - semi transparent weather proofing all-in-one wood stain and sealer

Hey. So another stain removal project I’ve landed. A 16x36 deck stained with one coat of BEHR Premimum - semi transparent weather proofing all-in-one wood stain and sealer which is badly weathered just after 3 years. Been doing some research and found Wolman deck stripper ASR acrylic stain stripper. Seems to have good reviews, a bit pricey but the guys willing to pay. He also wants me to restain, this time with a semi transparent oil based stain. He also wanted recommendations on what to use as well?

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As IBS says, there is no easy, clear cut way to strip stain. Have tried many approaches but all a total PIA. Sometimes comes off no problem. Most times patchy at best

This to strip it:

This to stain it:

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The best thing for that I have found is actually a floor stripper that contains MEA (Monoethanolamine, sometimes called Ethanolamine).

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Do you have any specific brands?

Sorry I don’t know national brands. You will need to look at floor finish removers. A.k.a floor stripper.

Seems to be super expensive! Is it worth it over other brands?

I don’t do deck restoration anymore but when I did, I wanted to purchase a high quality product from a vendor who was knowledgeable and responsive. David at Southern Stain used to be a pressure wash contractor who did all kinds of seal coating. The decks I have restored with the Bakers all look beautiful and have stood the test of time. The stripper I can’t compare it to anything. I bought it, I used it, it works well, that’s about all I can say. I think @MDA1775 is the go to wood guy.

I don’t do much in the way of decks, just not many of them here in DFW. A sodium hydroxide stripper and brightener is your best bet for most products. They actually work better on oil than water based and Behr is crap but does tend to stick in spots. If I’m not mixing it (I seldom do) I have had good results with Sherwin Williams stripper and Revive. Don’t pay retail though, ask for the rep and have them get you a decent price. It will generally save you about 30% off retail. You are going to scrubbing and maybe sanding though so build that into the quote. I tell them if it comes off without having to do it the price is X and if I have to scrub and sand it’s Y. Y is usually a big number. As for Baker’s. I have used it and it is a good product BUT you can get it directly from Baker’s for a lot less than Southern Stain sells it for. You have to dig a little because Southern Stain’s website will make you think they are Baker’s. They are a distributor/dealer for Baker’s. Baker’s is located in Dallas not Tenn. I use more Wood Defender than Baker’s.