Remove Rust from a bind

Hey guys, I’m in a bind and need a point in the right direction. My order of F9 for rust removal got held up somehow and I need to remove some rust stains from some vinyl on a house. What’s a good big box equivalent to get me thru one small job?

Muriatic acid

Any particular brand of product?

All the same. Dilute, pump spray, rinse

I’ve been looking through a lot of the threads trying to come up with a list of Chems and their uses.

Muriatic - rust
SH- organic
Hydroxide. Organic and wood
Oxalic- wood brightener after cleaning

Here’s where I’m having issues
One restore- from what I’ve read - damn near everything but it’s like $40/gal

EBC- once again everything, but looks like it’s more of a surfactant.

Am I pretty close? @Innocentbystander

Anyone have any recommendations on pump sprayers? How long does your last? Mine lasted 6 months

I’ve never used either chem so can’t answer that. @BlueLineWash i buy the cheapest sprayers home depot has. We might use them once a year.

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I use solo 475-B back pack pump sprayer and small 1 gallon cheap pump sprayer. Rinse after every use and it will last twice as long.

I like the 14$ ones from HD that say bleach on them, you’ll go through them so get a backup. Mainly I’ve broken the tips or had one drag off my trailer!
I put tape on the B word.