Remove mineral coatings on all sprayer fittings

At first I thought the metal in fittings was deteriorating. I have learned that the metal is not suffering. I am now soaking fittings overnight in white vinegar to remove most of the minerals that accumulate on the metal fittings male and female. This is great info because a good clean fit at every connection means you will get maximum pressure delivered to the wand. I am wondering about the pump and how to remove mineralization inside it. Any ideas out there?

Save your vinegar for bbq sauce. You’re accomplishing nothing soaking fittings in it.


The quick disconnect fittings have a tighter grip on their matching component. I installed an in-line pressure gauge two years ago to check pressure on the hydrant I’m using. Our water in the Ozarks is not as good a big cities have.

Lake of the Ozarks?

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Today, for those quick disconnect fittings that the vinegar would not remove the mineral formation I wire brushed them to get back to clean metal. That did not take long an d the result was outstanding.

Why don’t you just purchase all SS fittings and be done with it , unless you enjoy doing what your doing.

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I found that an overnight soak in store bought vinegar worked well.