Remove aluminum siding oxidation stains from brick

Not seeing a lot of action on the forum about this type of cleaning. Definitely a problem in my area. What takes care of it? Graffiti removal products? There is a company with a youtube video in my area with a process that does a good job. Looks like a 2 part chemical process.

We’ve lightened a few but I try to avoid heroics and hydrofluoric acid so we turn most of them down.

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Walk away from aluminum siding. Walk away from green, red, brown and blue houses. Walk away from anything that makes you think about it more than 2 seconds


Yeah, might be the best plan.

That’s an interesting perspective. We have done tons of blue and green houses, vinyl and metal, never had any issue.

Just wait. After that first house you repaint thanks to Sherwin Williams pigment or flashed vinyl you’ll stop also. I paid $3500 to repaint a house but got my $250 for the wash lol.


I haven’t had any issues yet, but if it looks like cheap paint or old material (vinyl, pealing tin etc) I will inform the owner prior to any work. I also put it on the quote, so there are no issues. But i guess if you get a real jerk they can try to make you pay for a new paint job.

William is absolutely correct on Sherwin Williams paint pigment reacting with house wash mix, the house changing color.In Canada here, I know of several contractors who did not test spot first, the entire homes changed color! Do a test spot first on painted surfaces, or simply do not wash painted buildings.

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Here in Maryland there is zero protection for contractors. It doesn’t matter what we put into our agreements, reasonable or not, it means nothing legally. I had one customer we did a house and roof wash for and his rear sliding glass door had a major leak and got solution in his kitchen. Even though he admitted that his home was faulty and it was in no way our fault, I had no legal recourse to collect payment for the job so he just simply refused to pay me.

KNBE we’ve all had customers like that - in any line of work.

Sounds like he had no intention on paying you from the beginning. It happens. Running a small business makes you have a huge amount of faith in karma, because of all the assholes you have to deal with. I had a company stiff me on about 11K in November. They have deep pockets and I don’t. They made it clear it would be a legal battle. So now I’m just praying for Karma.

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