Remote Fuel Fittings and Hose

My trailer build is progressing slowly but I’m learning to weld, etc. so at least something is happening.

I have my 8GPM 3500psi Pressure Washer ready to go (Water Dragon from Power Wash Store) and it comes with a 5(?) gal external plastic fuel tank. However, I’ve been informed that this type of plastic gas container is NOT approved for street legal transportation in my area (Ontario, Canada) - because it’s no longer a portable container but consider an installed gas tank or something like that…

Rather than have an issue, I’ve located a street legal gas tank that can hold 20 gal. In order to use it with my pressure washer (+ eventually adding a 2nd hot water pressure washer + gas powered air compressor) I need to figure out how to properly connect to this tank.

The tank has a 2” female npt fitting available for some sort cap (at the valve as seen in the picture. This cap needs to connect drop tube(s) down into the tank with fuel rated hose(s) running to the pressure washer, etc.

To be honest I’m a bit lost …

Where to I find a proper cap, fittings and hoses + fuel rated quick connects (see other pic)? I want to get the correct products and have a safe setup.

Anyone done anything like this? Any advice, videos, vendor suggestions, etc.?

FYI, I have Red and Yellow tanks for gasoline and diesel. Both tanks are otherwise the same.

Looks like you are going to have yourself a nice build there!
I don’t have any useful advice unfortunately for that setup. I know a lot of guys here in BC use boat gas tanks with the bigger equipment. No issues when they get checked, and easily recognized for what it is.
Good luck!

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Who told you it’s not legal?

Discussion with a retired custom fabricator that I trust. I got advice but he’s not available to help me with the details.

He said I might not have problems but that the plastic tank (like I received with my pressure washer) is not MOT approved in Ontario (might be specific to open trailer mounting - I can’t remember) and that those tanks are approved for marine use installs only. Regulations might be different in other provinces and in USA.

I’m not looking for any problems - Gov’t inspectors are over-the-top intense in my city.

Regardless, my new tanks are much larger (20 gal vs 5ish gal) so that will be very convenient especially with multiple potential engines.

If I can get this all finished I will be in great shape!

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If you aren’t to sure I would just contact the MTO to verify but they shouldn’t have a problem with that type of tank as long as it’s mounted safely. The bigger the better though I suppose if you’re gonna need it. Post a picture of the setup and share the progress if you feel like it. Would love to see it.

For installing a pickup tube in that tank you really just need to reduce down. I would completely remove the big 2" valve. I would just buy some sort of universal pickup tube and reduce down until it fits. You don’t have to use those quick connect fittings. It’s not like you’ll be unhooking them very often. If it were me I’d cut them off and just use hose barbs. Although, I’ve never used quick connects for fuel lines so maybe some people like them.

You could use something like this. You just have to make sure it’s long enough. You can always cut it and make it shorter. You add a hose barb to the female port and it’s threaded right below the square head so you can screw it into your tank where you reduced down. In the case of this pickup tube you need to reduce down to 3/8".

Here’s a reducer that will get you from 2" down to 1/2". You then need to get to 3/8" if you use the pickup tube from ebay or similar.

Here’s a 1/2" to 3/8" bushing. That pickup tube should thread right into it.

You also want to make sure the tank is vented. They normally are through the cap.

What size are the other caps? One will be used for the gas cap to fill but what size is the other? You could use that one to reduce down for your return line hose barb.

Why don’t you just buy the aluminum tanks pws has since you bought your machine from there? Plug and play.