Reformed Predator User

When I first bought professional equipment, @squidskc was adamant about the poor performance of the Predator 420cc engine. I bought the equipment and made a lot of money from my $600 investment. Just over a month ago I was forced to replace a dead Predator and went to HF to buy another. Three weeks later THAT motor took a dump on me, and a weekend later my third Predator engine locked up. I returned to HF for a refund, bought a Honda GX390 and immediately noticed a surge in pressure from the same pump, with the biggest difference noticed from my surface cleaner.

Just wanted to report my experience as a harbinger to anyone who is trying to save a few hundred dollars on their engine. I lost a lot more money in productivity, not to mention all the hassle: I lost two days in total from this experience and several large jobs were delayed as a result.


Putting good money after bad is always so dang frustrating. Glad you got yourself a real engine! :wink: