Reel lock not very functional

Got a GP, I think 18 fits 450.
Reel lock bangs against the drum the whole time
They didn’t offset the bracket for the lock far enough away from the reel
Thinking about just taking a grinder to the pin

Anyone else have this problem

Looks defective. I’m running the same reel without that issue. 4 of those reels*

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Reel flange could be bent out too far, or the lock bracket drilled slightly too close. I would just grind the pin down a bit and bevel it like you said.

Or it could be something else entirely, just my initial thoughts.

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Start by loosening these two bolts and seeing if there’s some play there. You might be able to slide the whole assembly a few millimeters away from the drum and be all set.


Going to give the bolt idea a shot. then try bending the bracket

All else fails grind the pin down.

Day 1 the paint is already chipping off the reel.

You could probably burr out the bolt holes if you don’t get enough play. Although, it would probably be quicker to do your original idea of grinding the pin.

I have Hannay reels that had rust in spots within the first month due to crappy paint. They’re great reels but the paint could use some work. I think I’m going to buy the stainless Titan next time.

went and head and just took the dremmel to it. works just fine now.
The quality control from manufactures amazes me sometimes

I’ll be going with Titans next time around. But I’m wearing these until I can’t