Red Wine Stains on Concrete

Does anyone have any experience with cleaning red wine stains from concrete? Is F-9 the best way to tackle?
Thanks in advance for your help!

To remove red wine stains:

Apply a paste of cheese and crackers to help draw out the stain.

Turbo nozzle and Upstream injection some chutney if it’s a really stubborn stain…

… and rinse with classical music

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While I can appreciate your humor, I don’t think wasting everyone’s time on this board with it is appropriate.

My question is serious. A commercial customer broke 4 bottles of wine on their concrete entrance sidewalk, so I was asking if anyone had any experience bring up these stains.

enjoy your chutney Buzz.

Organic stain = Bleach

Thanks Tim!

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I would check on the carpet cleaning forums. Substrate (carpet vs concrete) is obviously different, but they deal with wine stains a lot more and may have some good info on what breaks it down.

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Even if everyone else hated the joke… I’m glad you appreciate my humor :innocent:

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I loved the joke. How many times do you get an opening like that? Most do not know the easiest way to deal with stains like that. You simply say you are not interested. Buzz my Dad’s only New Zealand comment was “you have to be careful because folks there will run over you whether they know you or not”.

One lover, one hater. Let’s just call it a victory for me

Thats a shame that was his only comment. I don’t think we have a big problem with people running each other over ?!

I think him getting ran over swayed his opinion lol


Thanks Alex. A very useful response.