Red staining

What causes the red staining and what will remove it. This is my house and the staining appeared after practicing on my property first. The stain, although not as bad also appeared on my parents property? Is this a result of bleach?

These are 40 year old properties and this is the first time the stains have appeared.

All kinds of things, rust from metal that water is carrying down the drive onto the walk, bad irrigation/bad water, fertilizer, the metal in the concrete (rebar or wire) is rusting.

Apparently down south they have red stains from mud/clay that look like rust stains in photos. I don’t live in the south, so I don’t know.

Those are all the free guesses you get.

Not sure where you are located…but somewhere in the south with the palm tree in the neighbors’ yard I’m guessing.

You may have red clay soil that is leeching out onto the sidewalk.
You may have a high iron content in your water (more common with a well I would guess).
Some fertilizers and any type of liquid/granular iron additives to the lawn can be contributing as well. Most bags of fertilizer will tell you to sweep off any material that lands on the concrete to try and prevent this as well as help control run off.

How long after the driveway wash did you notice the staining? Immediately, within a few days, etc.? There’s a chance that it was already there, but hidden under the mildew and dirt that was on the concrete before you washed it.

F9 BARC, download the cookbook.

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It could be a water table issue. Our well pumps have been working hard to draw water. Maybe the water table is low and pulling more contaminates. My drive and walk is showing a lot of staining where it gets a solid sprinkler soaking. But this is a new issue.

Wanted to make sure it was not my process of using a SH mix. These are my properties, so I can work on it. But don’t want to cause the staining on a true paying customer.

If you’re noticing it where the sprinkler is constantly spraying it’s definitely your well water. Since it’s a newer rust stain you might be able to clean it up using oxalic acid. Put 10 ounces in a gallon pump up sprayer and give it a few minutes to work. Give it a good rinse afterwards. If the oxalic doesn’t do it get F9 Barc like Brock mentioned above.

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Obviously still early in the learning stages. I went through trailer and found a bottle the previous owner had and tested it on the drive way. Still lots of learning to do.

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If they have a water well with even very low iron it can make a mess on most surfaces . My well here produces iron so i put a softener and a activated 2 cu ft charcoal filter on it to help reduce it . Will later on add a green sand filter to help eliminate it .

Wow. I never heard or thought treating my sprinkler system.

My main concern is learning the ropes and what not to do and to prevent this happening on futures paying customer’s properties.

I bought a complete trailer late last year and spent some time rebuilding the soft wash set up. And redoing all pluming and fittings. My soft wash had a lot of corrosion in the reel and lines. I know that SH accelerates corrosion.

Hoping to prevent a call back to an upset customer.

Yep . Can be done. (May get costly if you use softener method though) Depends on how much you water the plants. If budget allows something that is able to be backwashed will save you time & headache rather than those 6 month filter things you buy.
Mine i just backwash when i backwash the pool also any smell the well may have it gets cleaned by the activated charcoal filter. Other than when it is caused by the water heater anode . Then i just drain & sanitize the water heater.
You can get a iron test kit or you can find the whole one I’ve seen at Wal mart . I do one every 6 months at the well head before the pumpfor bacteria to make sure we are safe .