Red house? Walk away?

Hey guys! I appreciate all the help you all have given me the last few months. Here’s a house that’s going up for sale and needs a wash (I will be looking at the property tomorrow). I don’t know whether this is hardi board or vinyl.

Any suggestions or thoughts on using SH on this color? I would walk away if I had to - but it’s there’s a trick to doing this right - let me know!

Here’s the address on Zillow.

5201 NE 259th Cir, Ridgefield, WA 98642

The worst that will happen is you have to get the whole house painted afterwords. But that’s what insurance is for, right?

That was bad advice. Let someone else wash it. Tell the realtor you won’t be able to get to it in time for putting it on the market. Then you save face.

Yeah that would freaking suck…

Anyone else dealt with something similar?

Test spot with SH in inconspicuous area might answer your questions


What @SurfaceTherapy said. If I’m unsure about the paint type, I always mix a slightly hotter than housewash mix in a pump sprayer and test a small area out. I had one house the test spot lightened it up a hair, so just washed with surfactant. The house didn’t have any algae on it anyways, so it wasn’t really an issue.

If it’s vinyl, wipe your hand around all the walls and look for oxidation (powder on your hands)

If it’s not to oxidized and it’s vinyl I would
Wash it. Just be prepared to be chasing dirt and little things you normally wouldn’t see on a light colored house.

If it’s Hardi, I wouldn’t touch it

Every time I wash a red or blue house I’m not happy…but the customer is

Or you can just use surfactant if there isn’t any algae growth.


I even use good ole nerta truck wash soap, works great never had a problem. If there is no organic growth there is nothing to be gained from using SH.

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Use a citrus based house wash you will be fine


That could be interpreted a great many ways.

So wanted to clarify. Is it just the certain colors with organic pigments on hardi or all hardi (regardless of color) that you don’t use sh on? If it is just the bar colors Why would the same paint not get messed up if it was vinyl instead?

It’s not just the hardi, a lot of it has to do with the paint, but the same thing can happen on vinyl. Just about those colors on anything