Red concrete and paint on brick


We had a call recently for paint removal on brick. Now I was thinking sand blasting might be a better way to go than pressure washing but it does seem to be peeling up pretty easy by hand. Anybody done paint removal from brick with any success? If so, how did you do it?

The customer also has a bunch of red concrete. There are tire tracks all over from tractors and other equipment that have been driving all over his property. Curious to see how successful you guys have been with removing tire tracks and what you’re using.

Lastly, have any of you worked with red concrete. (Not sure if they just used red sand or if its dyed)

Maybe this job is a pass.

I’d agree with that.

This stuff is not only an awesome degreaser, but it will kill plants and peel paint. Stripping nozzle or hot water. Hotwater will peel latex paint like gum on a sidewalk. Rent a hotwater unit and price it in. Or subcontract it to another company with experience and help them pull hoses or whatever for the experience of learning how to do it.

Tire tracks will go away with hotwater too. Do it all the time with drive through and dumpster pads.

Great thanks guys. We have rented a hot water unit before. Usually runs around $250. Thanks for the advice!