Red clay stains/ gas chamber stories

Im using f9 efflo for red clay stains at the bottom of the house,and using bleach(housewash mix,and am well aware of the dangers of mixing the 2 chemicals,would it be ok to do the f9 efflo process,rinse alot and let it soak into the ground,then do the housewash with bleach?

Just wear a gas mask…lol.

You’ll be fine. You probably don’t even have to get too carried away rinsing the acid off first. I would think I semi quick rinse and you’d be fine. If you see a fog start to rise hold your breath. :grinning:

When I was in the Marine Corps they’d put us in the gas chamber with chlorine gas. They would drop these little tablets on camping stoves. All of the sudden you’d feel like needles were sticking in the back of your neck. They’d then make us take our masks off, breathe for a bit, and then don and clear the mask. The idea is it teaches us to trust our gas mask. The key is to breathe slow and easy. It still sucks. Myself and a few other guys once had a little competition to see who could stay in the longest without a mask. By the time we came out our eyes were darn near swelled shut and we had snot hanging down to our ankles…lol. That was the last time I did that.


Ha thats a funny story,we did that at basic training in the air farce too,thanks for the advice,ill wear a mask👍this is my 1st house wash,mosttly i do commercial work

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Oh, we didn’t even do that when I hit basic in ‘92. We had our masks on and they waved around some banana smelling stuff on a q-tip. If we could smell it, we had to start all over.

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When I went through the chamber, the MTI’s made us scream the Air Force song and do jumping jacks to get our heart rate up so we breathed in deeper and faster! They liked watching us in pain lol


Ive got you beat,i was in basic in '89,:grinning:they need a old man emoji,lol


I really have no idea why we didn’t do the gas thing. We did chem warfare training but that was just putting on our outfits and standing around.