Recovery surface cleaner recommendations

I have several large apartment jobs in March I’m prepping for. I will need a recovery surface cleaner that can suck up 8gpm with little residual. I’ll be using a hotsy water recovery vacuum rated for 27gpm with discharge at 30gallons. I’ll be sucking up a lot of dog hair so the cleaner itself can’t get clogged or must be easy to clean on the fly.

Previous apartment job had narrow hallways so I could boom up and spray into the vacuum hose. I was renting a 4.8gpm machine at the time.

Also I’ll need a good 8"-12" recovery cleaner for the stair wells. One of the properties had a lot of water pooling at the bottom of the stairs that took forever to get out because their drainage stunk. Do those smaller cleaners work well with 8gpm units?

Here are some pics of what I’ll be cleaning.

Looking at buying the mosmatic 12" recovery surface cleaner to clean apartment stairwells without swamping them. Thing is, I run an 8gpm machine so I don’t know if it can handle the flow. The websites that sell it don’t list max flow or if they do they’re conflicting (one says max is 5.5gpm and another says 13gpm for an 8" graffiti cleaner version).

Reposted here because reclaim forum is a ghost town.