Recommended Starting Equipment?

I am currently in the process of starting a pressure washing company and currently pricing everything/getting a starting equipment list started. What equipment would you suggest one needs when starting? I’m going to list everything I plan to buy and if there is anything I am missing then it would be highly appreciated. My list as of right now is about $3.3k

-4GPM, 4000 PSI, Belt Driven Pressure Washer
-20" Surface Cleaner
-Downstream Injector/Kit
-Downstream/Jrod Nozzle Kit
-50’ 3/8 hose
-4x 50’ Pressure Washing Hose (4000 psi)
-4x Quick Connect Socket/Plug
-Heavy Duty Ball Valve
-Chemicals from PressureTek (Elemonator/Cling-On/F-8 Brightener)
-5 gallon buckets
-SH from local pool store

Ladder, 270 degree brush and pole


Maybe not to start the first job…but I’d re-invest the first proceeds into spare QCs/tips/DS injector/gun/ball valve right off the bat. You never want to have to bail out on a job just because something died that you know will die eventually anyhow. By the time you come back a 2nd time, you could have paid for the replacement with your time.

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As someone that also has a 4 gpm washer, I’d suggest not going with a 20” surface cleaner. I run an 18” and while it does a good job, you have to move pretty slow. I’d imagine 20” would be painfully slow. Stick to 16-18” max.

You need a couple ways to apply hotter mixes.

Xjet fills that nicely for $175ish until you get a 12v

Also, couple 1 gal spray buckets.

16" Whisper Wash Ultra Clean for a 4/4. Get three injectors. Surface cleaner nozzles. Durable gloves. Eye protection, rubber boots.

Use that setup for a few months and take the proceeds to upgrade.


More garden hose.

Why 50’ sections of pressure hose?

And extras for your extras of everything.

Few different length wands, whip lines, turbo nozzle.

Dont need a ball valve.

5.5 machine will wash houses faster. Get the 16” SC, i love the xjet Downstream nozzle,

I run 5 50’s. One said “pop!” last week. Removed it & was back to work in a few minutes. What do you do when a 200 footer blows up?

Grab a new one?

I use 2 100’ ers.

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How far up/down the hose did it pop?

Just get a 100’ of 5/8” flexzilla. And you can leave it on the truck or trailer most of the time. Another thing I have on my 4gpm is 2 way valve on the garden hose going into the pressure washer. Then connect another 10’ foot garden hose to that. Great for filling sprayers, diluting HW mixes and buckets for cleaning out your injector. Get the plastic 2 way valve with the large orifice. The brass ones tend to have small holes that would restrict flow vs the plastic. Why cling on? Unless cleaning roofs and then you are going to need a 12v. Consider getting reels as soon as possible makes life way better. You can skimp out at first with the tractor supply metal garden reel but buy a high quality pressure reel. I’d recommend considering getting a 16”-18” surface cleaner. A few hand held sprayers for post-treating concrete, apply ox etc.

I started out with 2 100 footers but they were a pain to roll up by hand haha so I got 5 50’s. They sit funny on the reel these days but it works. The one closest to the gun blew right in the middle. I still have the 100’s handy.

We run 2x100’s and keep a 3rd on board every truck. But I definitely get a smaller outfit going with the smaller segments. You can easily spare one most of the time, and that effectively gives you spare QCs in a pinch. Everyone gets a system that works for them, and meets their desired level of investment. You probaby have to deal with a few more o-rings, but there’s always a trade-off…