Recommendations on how to treat Wooden dock in florida

Hey guys,
Got a request from the HOA about restoring our community dock.
It’s made of pressure treated wood, and to my knowledge was never sealed or stained in any way. What would be the best way to bring this back to life? Should it be pressure washed? Or some sort of solution used? Any hello would be appreciated.


Thanks for this thread. I read through most of it. Seems like I should probably use SH… Followed by light pressure of like 1300psi, then oxalic acid afterwards…
It looks rough, so anything will be an improvement!

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If you use any of those you mentioned over that waterway, other than pressure, your next post may be from jail after you’re a quarter million poorer. Wait for one of the FL guys to post or check with the epa/ Corp of Engineers, etc. Just pressure wash it, don’t worry about furring it, no one cares. You want to blow off some of that dead wood. Heck I’d wait till a day it had rained on it to soften the wood some, make sure no nails sticking up and run my surface cleaner over that walkway.


Pass, much easier ways to make your daily/hourly target.

@Racer makes an excellent point, all it takes is one disgruntled hoa homeowner to call the city/county and that just turned into your worst day ever.


Couldn’t agree more! I did indeed pass on this once I realized I couldn’t use any cleaners…