Recommendations on Air Movers

Do any of you have professional air movers you recommend? (See pic below)

You’d think they’d have a fancier name but they are called “air movers”. lol

I need to buy a couple and I’d like to buy high quality.

May I suggest going to the website Jon Don?

I used to work for the company and I can say that the sales reps are some of the best people I’ve worked with.

They have a plethora of Air Movers only rivaled with their knowledge for them.

I don’t think I can put links to posts but just type in google Jon-Don then Air Movers.

If you go through customer service ask for either Tina or Mark and they should be able to help you immensely (I worked on the restoration team with them).

Finally depending on how many you want they can give you a pretty good discount as well.

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I was definitely thinking Jon Don would be a good option. I saw air movers about 6 months ago there for 2-3x the amount of ones at the big box stores so I assumed they’d be legit. I just want to make sure if I’m plunking down some $$$ that I don’t end up with the $2k direct drive of air movers. So I was hoping for personal recommendations.

Also, I’m pretty sure you can put links in your post. If not, let me know and I’ll fix that for you.

Totally get it if you want recommendations.

But to kind of put it in perspective. I quit Jon Don because I did not like management or how it was run but I’m still recommending them because I loved my sales team.

Mark Pransky has been there for 12 years and any questions you have he will help you, also Tina is great as well and she’s been there for almost 20 years although she tries to upsell a little lol.

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Which one did you work at? And does yours offer 1-2 day classes on various things like concrete resurfacing?

I worked at the one in Roselle, their main headquarters and we serviced all of the United States. I had customers everywhere. And yes we offer classes online and in person. I’ve taken many of them and they are really good.

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