Recommendations for a supply line reel

No matter where I’ve looked I can’t find a hose reel for 3/4 garden hose. anyone got a link or recommendation for a guy ? I got a summit reel from Bob coming in but have found NOTHING to reel up my supply line …

I don’t see any on there for 3/4 garden supply line… am I supposed to get a regular reel and then modify it ? I don’t get it. Lol

Yeah so I finally figured it out. I have to just buy a hose reel and then modify it… sorry. I should have known this crap. But I guess I know now. Lol.


Hannay sells 3/4 inch supply lines. Easier to just pull hose off reel and connect directly to tank. No kinks in hose on reel to deal with

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Agree again. This is what I do.