Recommendations for a quick attach soap/solution dispenser attachment for my wand


Very new to pressure washing. My family purchased a Simspon MS 3300 PSI 2.4gpm pressure washer that came with a 0 degree 15 degree and 40 degree quick attach nozzle. I was wondering if anybody could recommend me a nozzle that I can use to dispense soap through while I wash our cottage walls and our concrete driveway!

Sorry for any mistakes I may have made as this is my first post!

Those homeowner machines usually come with a soap nozzle. The different colors nozzles usually have a different size orifice too. I believe the soap nozzle is usually white or black in color.

If it didn’t come with one you could probably go with a #15 or #20. Get them in a few different degrees so you can reach lower and higher up if need be.

I have a nozzle that indicates that it is for soap, but how is it used? There is No place to actually attach a soap container

Most homeowner machines come with a built in injector. Look for a small 1/4" hose barb near the pump. You run a 1/4" hose from that hose barb to your bucket of soap. It’ll pull soap when you put a low pressure nozzle on your wand. It should pull with the soap nozzle on. It won’t pull with a higher pressure nozzle like the red, yellow, or green nozzles.

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Thanks so much for your help!

Like @marinegrunt said, use the black tip (red arrow in pic) and install it securely onto the end of the wand (red circle in pic). This will allow the machine to draw whatever chemical of your choosing through the clear pick up tube and into the water traveling through the black high pressure hose and ultimately out the end of the wand where your black tip is installed. You must connect the clear hose to the barbed fitting as stated already in the previous post (see the blue circles). Your pressure washer will mix the chemical with water to some predetermined ratio (consult your owners manual) before it leaves the wand. The soap container can either be a bucket of chemical or a 5-gallon bucket filled with whatever you are using. It is good practice to draw clean water through the system (clear hose, pump, high pressure hose, and wand) before putting your machine away. Simply drop the filtered end of the clear hose into a bucket of clean water. Hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction. Good Luck.

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