Reclaiming Water?

Hello all 252Fireman here looking for some advice. I have an opportunity to get into the fleet cleaning business with Garbage trucks. Pretty high end company. In a nut shell how does the Reclaiming water game work? If I’m not mistaken as long as there are no drains going to a fresh water or a waterway source downrange I was told not to worry about it!! The trucks are also housed on a gravel lot, if that helps. Thanks in advance.

Any thoughts… I have been looking on more info for this. I have a potential 150 trucks getting cleaned every week. Also have a 400 Dumpsters forasned once a year. What would you charge? What would your process be?

What state are you in?

Laws can be pretty stringent.

Federal = EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
State = Stormwater or Wastewater Management Handbook (your
Town = Town Hall and/or Sewer Dept.

I’m in Florida. Do you have a type of water reclamation equipment you prefer?

I use Sirocco vacuums. Jerry mcmillen.

30 gal sand trap
30 gal pump out