Reclaiming SH runoff?

So…just like the title says. Does anyone ever reclaim SH? Not for re-use. I have an RHG reclamation vac but I don’t want to ruin it with bleach.

There isnt any one with experience in this field? I would think someone would know. There’s usually not much run off on a residential roof cleaning but a commercial roof or exterior wash can sometimes cause significant runoff that would justify reclaiming.

Hi @Clean1, I know others will have more detailed knowledge than me… but basic management of SH runoff doesn’t require reclaim

Check your local regulations but typically you can discharge SH to landscaping on the property which you are cleaning. You may need to use berms to divert the runoff, or to create a collection pond then pump it to suitable landscaping but the intention is to usually to dispose of the SH into the ground on the property and specificslly not on the road, neighbours property, streams, lakes, rivers or public sewage.

SH degrades quickly so disposal of housewash mix strength to ground is usually acceptable.

Hope this helps a bit

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Very helpful thank you. I assume you would need a chemical pump to move a pond?