Reclaimed water suply

Hello everyone, I am in the process of doing an estimate for a small subdivision for cleaning 1,500ft of sidewalk.

Problem is no water available. The city does not rent out hydrant meters (only for construction sites). The water department said I could come and fill my tank with reclaimed water (primarily used for irrigation). Is it ok to use this in the pump? Will defiantly clean everything with fresh water when done.

How big is your buffer tank and how big is your machine? Also 1500 ft of sidewalk or 1500ft^2?

You will need a filtration system to filter the reclaimed water before you decide to suck it back up into your pump. If you just try to suck up dirty particle filled water in your pump you will have major issues.

Have a 4gpm 4k machine. Will have 275 gallon tank. The sidewalk is 1500 ft by 5ft wide. So 7k sqft.

It is not the dirty water. Reclaimed water for irrigation. Not chemically treated for drinking.

Mm was hoping you meant square feet a full tank would get you about a Hour of cleaning and you could’ve get it done in one tank… you said no water is available but it’s in a sub division? If there are residents there just give them 5 bucks and fill up your water tank. If not as long as the reclaimed water isnt disgusting you could probably get away with that

That’s what I figured for run time on the tank. The HOA only wants the common areas done, nothing in front of homes. I’m pretty sure it’s clean enough to run with, but not drinkable. Here’s a map of what they are looking for.

The reclaimed water will be just fine. I’m sure they at least screen or filter it. They usually use that same water to resupply those same houses to irrigate again. It’s a separate line from there regular use water. If it wasn’t filtered it would clog up the sprinkler nozzles.

I’d do what was already mentioned and consider talking to people along the route and asking about hooking up to their water. If you use 300’ of hose you’d only need 2-3 homeowner’s to agree to it. Pay them $20 each and a discount on a washing service.

Another option is just staging a few ibc totes the night before. It’s not a whole lot of square footage so might not be worth it though. As long as there’s in street parking you could stage a few along the side and use some parking cones. If you don’t have a couple extra water tanks laying around I wouldn’t buy them just for the job. Although, you’re probably charging a premium for having to haul water so you might want too. Just thought I’d throw a few options out there in case you haven’t thought of them.