Reclaim system with filtration

Ok so I used my new reclaim with filtration system for the first time yesterday. It’s a beast, Hydrotek gas powered 425cfm vacuum with 4 stage filtration. First the reclaimed goes into a solid separator tank. Then goes through a metal strainer basket and out into another tank with baffles and its own strainer before being pushed to the actual filters with a comet 7.5gpm 12v transfer pump. The water passes thru an initial small vortex spinner with a 100 micron stainless filter before going thru a total of 3 big blue filters. One 50 micron, then 20 micron then 10 micron. We tested this out on a very clean, newer concrete driveway and the transfer pump kept on popping its 20amp breaker due to too much restriction coming from the first 50 micron filter. It became very annoying having to stop every five minutes and clean the filter out. If I was doing something really dirty I could only imagine how horrible it would be to literally have to stop every time the tank fills up and clean the filter multiple times to transfer it back. Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I can do to improve this system? They make stainless steel reusable filters that I can get but I’m wondering if there is a superior filtration system that I can get to replace this one? Unfortunately due to the drought here in California I must use this when cleaning flat work. I would love to have a good system to work as intended. Considering I’m already $21,000 into this (bought it used, it’s actually closer to $40,000 new and only a year old with 14 hours on it) I wouldn’t mind spending some more money to make it work properly. Another issue is that it is ridiculously loud, I’m talking 120 dB even with the new diesel exhaust I put on. Think I’m going to need to get a zombie box to put around the vacuum system to keep from getting complaints from not only neighbors but also protect the hearing of my tech and I. The blower is super loud and whines a lot. Here’s a pic of the filtration system. another two of the whole thing plus inside the vacuum box with baffles. The baffles don’t go all the way to the bottom but it acts like another solid separator.

I owned an electric Hydrotek filtering system for a very short time, and I sold it quickly, I also had breaker issues.

And since then, I have gone the cheap route.

I no longer filter out, I re direct. To land scape or sewer system. If I can’t find landscape or a sewer plate or drain I turn it down. Mainly commercial

$350 dollar investment, And I can stay compliant cheap

I don’t know, but I’ll give you an award for the biggest resi rig I’ve seen.


For starters use blower to clean off surfaces and reclaim the cleanest water you can. Maybe use a sock to prefilter and pick up used water downstream.

Hey Sean, we run reclaim with recycle as well. I believe the pump that pushes the water through our filters is a sump pump, I’ll have to check the specs this week.

I’m a little bit surprised about your clogging because we have been running our system for a while and haven’t had to clean any of the actual filters once. Our system is made by Hot and Mighty. I think there just might be more pre filtering overall. There are two large primary intercepted drums - the first one catches rocks and the second one has a pretty tight fiber screen. Then it goes through a 150 gallon oil/water separator. A ton of muck settles to the bottom of the primary interceptor drums and the oil water separator, and I’m guessing that’s the main reason our filters don’t clog. I think our filters might be larger size, and the pumped water gets split to two different sets of filters as well.

What surface cleaning are you using? We have 21" mosmatic with reclaim attachment, but I think I should maybe go larger with an 8gpm machine.

Do you have any pics you can post of it? Curious to see your setup. Or pm if you don’t want it public. Mine handles 8gpm on the Hydrotek reclaim surface cleaner but I think the sirocco one is better (from reviews anyway showing the 3 vacuum tubes instead of one)

I always do that even with out reclaim. Makes it much easier!

Sure, no problem. It can intake from two different hoses, so that’s why there are 4 metal barrels instead of two.


How loud is that outside the enclosed trailer? Is it insulated for sound?

It’s loud. I don’t know how loud in terms of decibals, but the blower engine/ exhaust is the loudest on the rig. The trailer isn’t insulated for sound, and all the doors need to be open anyway. It’s definitely less loud to be on the side of the trailer instead of out the back, but it’s loud regardless.

That’s some serious equipment there…

What size blowers are those? 45’s?

The blower is 450 CFM powered by 630cc Honda

Same as mine. I need to put a zombie box around it otherwise I am sure to get complaints. Does your blower whistle sometimes?

No, I haven’t heard anything I would call a whistle.

Or a whine. It came a couple times but went away. Really hurt my ears

No, I don’t think so. The sound is pretty consistent. Maybe a little jet-enginey due to all the air but nothing concerning.

We do wear earplugs any time the equipment is running.

Do you get complaints in residential neighborhoods?

Complaints are good, that’s one discount on their next housewash away from a new customer. It means you’re being noticed!

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No, I haven’t received any complaints yet. I try to keep it between 9 and 5 though.

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That’s an impressive setup. Nicely done. Not sure I’d be smart enough to operate it. Glad we don’t have to do that stuff over here.

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