Reclaim Surface Cleaner Question

So I have never been around a surface cleaner that is capable of reclaim (such as a Mosmatic).

I think I am getting ready to purchase a Water Dragon 21" surface cleaner.

Is it possible to add the necessary adapters later to turn it into a reclaim? As I said, never seen the bottom side of one so not sure what all is going on.

No. recovery vac surface cleaners are designed different. mosmatic is good. Sirocco seems to be the most popular. they’re pretty much a stand alone unit

@Kps0410 thank you sir.

WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS SACRED WOULD YOU INVEST in a reclamation surface cleaner? Why not block the storm drain and use a sludge pump
to move your surface cleaner water back into the grass? Unless you’re suckin’ sewage just blow the stuff into the grass, for cryin’ out loud. Come on man, this ain’t rocket science.

Holy smokes @MrSparkleVA take a breath and calm down.

I don’t believe I ever once said I was wanting to buy one. Was curious if they can be converted later if needed.

I know all about a sludge pump and blocking drains, etc

Don’t get smart with me if you EVER want me to respond to another of your posts. If you’re here to learn, lose that “calm down” crap. Period.

Vacumn surface cleaners are great if that’s what you’re marketing. kitchen floors, areas when you can’t have a lot of excess water. Have you ever used a vacuum surface cleaner? There’s a lot less rinsing to be done. unless someone does a lot of commercial it’s not a great investment. however in my case it will pay for itself over and over


Well I guess my apologies. You came in pretty hot with the All caps and then the questioning intelligence with the rocket science comment.

Maybe I took it the wrong way, can’t always tell emotion reading typed words.

Yes we are all here to learn. DOESN’T MEAN THERE HAS TO BE AN ATTITUDE FROM THE TEACHERS. PERIOD. IT AIN’T ROCKET SCIENCE. (See that changes things doesn’t it)


You know I love you but that was out of line.


I remember that @Grizz said he liked using CAPITAL LETTERS alot @SurfaceTherapy. No biggie man. Water off a ducks back kinda thing bubby. Your a cool smart cat .


Ive seen a smallish surface cleaner converted by just adding a port. Seemed to work just fine.
Now, the big ones, Ive never seen a reclaim surface cleaner, but in a pic I scoured off of the web just looks like a smaller surface cleaner put inside a larger one and spaced evenly to create a hollow space.

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YES GEORGE HITS CAPS LOCK BY ACCIDENT ALOT I THINK BUT HE MEANS WELL. Btw @MrSparkleVA i heard you have taken your business to a whole new level! Thats awesome man. Wish you the best!

Could have been that second beer, could have been the caps lock key. Either way, @Innocentbystander and @SurfaceTherapy are right. After further consideration I’m wondering if there’s a way to put a sludge pump on a small surface cleaner like my baby hammerhead, split the water source between the two and

if you COULD eliminate rinsing you’d cut that time in half. NOW THERE’S A GOOD REASON TO HAVE A VACUUM SC :wink: (capslock intended)


Now I’m envisioning a surface cleaner that works like a snowblower, with an adjustable chute to direct the stream towards the landscaping… how fun would that be to use? :rofl:

Mosmatic and landa have one, I think it’s 12 or 16 inches that works off of a venturi principle and can discharge the water out to about 100 feet with no vacuum. I’ve never used it but talked to a guy that has and he said it does a decent job. I eventually want to be able to have filtration for reuse due to a couple of properties I due with limited water supply. I’m holding off until I pick up a few more properties to justify it

A hydrant would solve your water supply problems

I try to keep municipalities out of my business as much as possible. everytime you turn around they’re wanting money.

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I can understand that. With my gig is a necessity unfortunately.

Reclaim surface cleaner

Then hook it to this $28,000 LANDA RECLAIM UNIT