Reclaim on concrete drives to save rinsing time? worthwhile?

Most customers requesting cleaning of concrete have black mold and or algae growth on the deck needing cleaning. Removal with the aid of sh is easy with the right equipment. However rinsing of the removed contamination is time consuming. At times even going slow the job comes out uneven. In the process of retrofitting a 21" surface cleaner to have vacuum retrieval (adding an extra shell and three 1.5" ports). Just purchased a drum vacuum with water pumpout came with 50 foot of 2" hose. Then after all this came on a Craigslist Ad and I am worried about the whole idea:
My first reaction was to go buy what the guy had for sale and be happy now I am wondering if I am barking up the wrong tree? I have already spent more on the vacuum water retrieval unit than the asking price for the whole of what is advertised.

So what’s your question?

Will vacuuming contaminants save enough time rinsing to make the investment worthwhile?

I thought it would, but it’s a PITA to push around the vacuum surface cleaner. What are you rinsing with after? I wash away with the xjet m5 twist nozzle.

Thank You for the reply.
Great to hear of someone else trying to keep their customers healthy!! If you find algae usually Aspergillus is present also, if it dries and gets airborne in the summer it is a real health hazard. Don’t use that as a selling point but will mention after a job, (a handout sheet then word of mouth were effective years ago) Especially for those effected, most don’t know why they feel unwell.
Have a heavily modified Karcher Jarvis. So rolling around is easy. Hose management is complicated but workable with system I have worked out for water (working on for vacuum with the 2" hose). Have built in gun and 10 foot hose with a #9 nozzle for rinse. Thinking of getting a x jet type nozzle. Isolating motor vibration and getting noise level down to a honda generator level was involved. Presently tore down for the vacuum shell upgrade being fabricated.
Note: I am hear to learn. Did washing years ago semi professionally as a side job. Lot of neighbors driveways are being cleaned as I work out equipment/chemicals, truck setup. Almost ready to take my test for Oregon contractors license. Not required for pressure washing but If you want to seal concrete and fill control joints it is required in Oregon.

I do think the vacuum recovery reduces the rinsing some, but I can’t really quantify how much. I doubt it would save enough time rinsing alone to justify the extra expense. You will also likely need extra time setting up and running your reclaim, so the time savings may be a wash.

However, like you mentioned, there are other benefits of reclaim.

Would you be able to post a picture of your setup?

Have you run your cleaner with a vacuum yet? For my setup, the better the suction, the harder it is to push. The deck can be raised and lowered to try to get the best compromise.

No not operating with vacuum yet still waiting fabrication of shell for Jarvis, they do not have a vacuum option. My calcs say moving around is not a problem on vacuum with my machine. The spring loaded resilient seal should allow vacuum regulation. Probably a week or so before parts done. Going to stop posting until ready to post pics. Much more reading to do here about pressure washing business. When not studying for CCB test and finishing up projects.

It’s not just the suction its also the extra hose. Basically requires a second person to move them around if you want to stay productive.

Most people use reclaim to keep non natural things from going into waterways. A lot slower than rinsing. Reclaiming to suck up mold and mildew worthless. There are an average of 8000 mold spores per cubic meter of air and in OR probably even more.


Oh lort here we go.

Everyone removing mold, mildew or algae is keeping their customers healthy and safe. How many falls from slimy algae in the US? There is nothing wrong with making a buck and doing good at the same time, If you are using SH you are applying an antimicrobial pesticide in Oregon with an applicators license, not just cleaning, that is the primary purpose but I see no reason not to detract from the service offered to a customers. Even if in your state it cannot be mentioned or used in promoting your business.
Won’t reply to further comments until done with my setup but could not help myself with yours. If someone dislikes me for trying to build a better mousetrap for a specific market (that is inaccessible without $$$$ invested) they should listen to a song and relax:wink:. Hey I could be wrong, that is my mistake to make.

So I edited the post. But if you have a pesticide applicators license in Oregon and you follow guidelines bleach is considered an antimicrobial pesticide.
Disinfectants, Sanitizers, and Antimicrobial Products

Really was more interested in the engineering aspect of getting this to work vacuum and all. There is a market As for health claims no you cannot I agree. Is it healthier to have a clean house I would say yes. As for it being total BS, my neighbor who died from liver cancer caused by aflatoxin exposure would probably disagree if still alive. Cleaned the underside of fiberglass roofed patio and was in the hospital for 3 weeks with lung problems 18 months later gone. If someone tells me they fell so much better after there driveway and patio were cleaned I can give them a print from a website without making claims. Carpet cleaners advertise sanitizers used in their services. Not advocating that here.

Look, I suggest you do some deep reading before you start making claims about removing or killing mold or mildew and especially claims about associated health benefits. You’ll be staring at a lawsuit before you know it. Or worse–you’ll have one of those three letter agencies knocking at your door and handing you a nice piece of paper that will shut down your business, bankrupt your family and a host of other FUN things.

If you’re super-duper confident that won’t happen to you, maybe you can reach out to @CaCO3Girl about her work and see if she has any novel stories about folks such as yourself making dubious claims and the repercussions associated with that.

Seriously, for any future readers that come across this, don’t listen to this guy or any of his BS. We wash structures and substrates. That’s it. We have no affiliation, licensing, or certifications to make claims about sanitizing ANYTHING. This person has absolutely no clue what they’re talking about.

How does any of the links you posted pertain to using reclaim which was your question? Black mold in a house has nothing to do with cleaning algae off a drive. Most states require specific licensing to remediate mold. That’s great if that’s what you want to do, but this is a power washing forum


Oh boy, there is your logic flaw. First, let me say, bleach doesn’t clean. That’s why you still have to add in detergent when you are bleaching your socks.

Then let’s go back and look at the word sanitize….I do not think that word means what you think it means (gotta love the princess bride). Certain levels of SH have been found to be effective against certain biologicals and viruses, but not all of them. If you use the word sanitize you had better qualify it. What surface did you sanitize? Because if it’s not a non-porous hard surface you just lost your sanitizing claim, which you could only have made IF you were using EPA registered SH.

Please don’t think you can outwit the EPA with wordsmithing. You sir are bringing a butter knife to a gun fight…never wise.


Yeah got carried away. Thinking about neighbor (see edited post) I am going to stop posting and just read, unless it is strictly mechanical or engineering related.

Not looking for sympathy. Really haven’t been 100% since my Mom passed

Hopefully folks can accept that excuse this once. Gonna just read for now.

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You haven’t done anything wrong but you definitely need to do some research before you go making any claims about things pertaining to sanitization or health and safety benefits. That’s a whole different can of worms that 99% of the folks on this forum are completely unqualified to speak on. The KISS method wins out in this industry. Just wash things.

Sorry to hear about your mother. It sounds like you took care of her in her final days and that’s probably the best gift you could have given her. Much respect.

Seen this for sale as well. It’s right across the river from me. It’s a good deal but hardly worth it.

Yes my mistake.

Thank You for the kind reply. Going to just read on here.