Reclaim equipment

Does anyone have experience with Hydrotek hydro loop system? I currently have the rpv50 which is just electric recovery/transfer but want to build a closed loop system with breaking the bank. I’m not doing really big jobs. The biggest will be a couple of shop floors. Mostly sidewalks and drive thru’s. I’ll blow the surfaces off first to reduce the amount of silt. If anyone has experience with one what issues have you had if any and how far out can you clean. I will be using a recovery vac going into a secondary tank. When possible I’ll transfer to the landscape. I’m looking at the RZV10E1 which plugs into my generator

I know nothing about reclaim equipment so I’m interested in this as well. I have heard that in order to transport reclaimed water over 50 gallons you need hazmat placards and whatnot. No idea if that’s true or not. Hopefully someone knowledgeable will come by and enlighten us.

I’ve got an Alkota VFS. Just the single vacuum motor on it. Almost never need it, but I found it for sale, barely used and with new filters, for about $1,500. Figured I shouldn’t pass it up since they retail for about $6k. Keep an eye out, and you may be able to snag one for pretty cheap.

I have used reclaim equipment, if you’re interested.
1 - 30 gal sand trap
1 - 30 gal auto pump out
1 - 300’ vac hose reel, needs some paint
cuff fittings
2" hose, maybe 100’

I’d be willing to sell pretty cheaply.

Where are you located?

“Cheap soo! Cheap soo!”

“How cheap? Real cheap?”

“Aha yes cheap soo!”

I’m wanting filtration

There is a midwestern company that builds oil water separators 10gpm max, out of aluminum diamond plate, small footprint uses filter pillows, turbid water go’s in, clear water comes out their name escapes me.Google mobile oil water separators & let us know what you find

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The only thing I could find was for car washes.

I did find this one. I’ve heard of it.

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