Recessed lighting under deck

Got a couple of window cleaning customers with large rear decks. In one case, the deck is covered totally by the roof. In the other case, the deck is only partially covered by a roof and screened-in room.

Under the deck - in both instances - the underside has been paneled and fixed with recessed lighting for the paved patio underneath the deck. So that both upstairs and downstairs has a lit, covered outside area.

In both instances the homeowners have expressed concern for water flowing on top of the upper deck, going underneath the wood, and destroying the wiring for the recessed lighting underneath, and/or, leaking onto the under-paneling and causing damage.

I have no construction experience, so I would like to reach out to you more experienced ones for more information.

Do decks constructed like this have built-in measures to protect from water falling onto it from above?
Can these decks be pressure cleaned as usual?
Can the home be soft washed as usual?
How do you communicate with the homeowner in this event?

Thank you for your consideration!

Do you have any pictures?

So that ceiling there is actually the underside of a second story deck. The homeowner is concerned that the runoff from SW or from waterfed window Cleaning will hurt either the wiring for the lights or the ceiling panels underneath. (Pictured)

What does the decking on the top deck look like?

Is it a vinyl deck on top? Typically decks with a ceiling underneath are waterproofed as if they were inside. Especially if there’s electrical. They runoff into a gutter and downspout system. An electrician worth their salt wouldn’t take on the liability that rain or even dew is going to get into the electrical.

Google image deck drainage system. If there’s downspouts and gutters under the deck like that you’re likely in the clear.

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I don’t have a picture of the decking, but it’s wood, not composite. As you can see the top deck is covered completely by roof. Those window panes are new, it used to be screen. I see the decking edge under the windows but no gutters.

If any question in your mind at all you can’t get resolved completely, walk away.


If a customer brings up a concern like that and i’m not 100% confident that their concern is invalid… I walk… In 6 months when a light bulb goes out their going to be calling and blaming you.