Rearranging trailer

I’m trying to rearrange my trailer a 5x10 single axle so it’s a little more functional anyone have any ideas

Raise the machines up off the floor, clean up your plumbing, add a ladder rack, hang signs, wash stuff.

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I would say the smaller tank seems like it could use stronger support than that light duty ratchet strap.

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It’s a 200 pound strap

Use it for a year and you’ll figure out exactly what you want to change

I’ve had it for 2 I just threw it on best as I could as the time …but just added a 12v system bare bones …set up is fine I just wanted to hear someone else’s ideas on how they would arrange the equipment on the trailer…ill be getting rid of the 275 gal tank for 2 smaller tanks and a bigger chem tank

I’ve thought about getting a smaller tank, but I’ve had jobs where water pressure was an issue or I’ve done one without water. I put my hose reels on the side of my trailer up on the side rail with supports. I like the hose reels curbside instead of behind the trailer. I like square or rectangle tanks, but they are normally expensive.

As mentioned, expensive but I’m very fond of my vertical tanks. A real space saver.

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