Reaming the Banjo

Others probably know this trick but it was new to me:

I’m tinkering with a new setup and found myself staring that the tiny opening in the 1/2" Banjo cam lock fittings. I could barely get a 19/64 bit through it, which means the opening was 0.28 square inches.

I drilled out the hole in small increments, ending up at 13/32". Final hole area = 0.52 square inches, or 85% bigger than off the shelf.

I didn’t measure distances but shooting range from a 12v fat boy and 1/2" Al-Flo seemed noticeably improved.


What I want to know is what’s under the car cover, a Bronco, F-150?

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Must be a bronco fan!

I was thinking the exact same thing earlier when I liked his post.

While you were busy making your barb bigger I was working on making mine smaller. All my barbs on my inlets are chopped, tapped, plugged and then drilled out

I am so confused right now. I see what you did, and am rather impressed, but don’t quite know why. Is this your softwash wand?

And @OutsideCleaner, I’m curious at what point(s) in your plumbing are you using the camlocks? What advantage do they they provide for a softwash setup?

I love camlocks, but just never thought of where I might utilize them in a 12v setup. I still need to put together a simple dedicated sprayer for my rig.

This is my setup on my inlet/supply for my PW pumps. 1/2" reduced to 3/8" into a 4 way/cross, left side is to winterize/double upstream soap, right side is my bypass back to pump, center is my 5/8" hose feeding supply to pump. I need to further restrict this down so the pump will generate enough vacuum to pull soap on the other side of the pumps manifold. I set it up with a vacuum gauge and enlarge the hole in the plug until it’s where I want it. With too much restriction the pump will cavitate and tear seals and hammer the back of the head, too much and I loose the vacuum needed to upstream my soap.

Talk about fine tuning. It’s like you’re tuning a truck or something…lol…Very impressive!

But wait the more! For $24.99 I’ll tell you how I change from soap to rinse with a cycle from the trigger

@Infinity, I pull different solutions from different tanks. So we just disconnect the pump from one hose, hook to water tank to flush the hose out, unhook and then plug into the tank we want to draw from.

I don’t like the 3-way valves. They make it easier… but only when they work.

I noticed this too and asked a while back if anyone had drilled them out. Now someone did so thanks for sharing.

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