Realtor connections

Had a realtor call me yesterday and caught me off guard to get prices for a clients house that is selling. Ended up giving a quote over the phone for a few things and closed the job before we hung up.

My question is to anyone who has relationships with realtors. Do they offer you a steady flow of clients was wondering after I finish the job if should send her anything to her office coupons, gifts etc? Want to strengthen the relationship between us to hopefully get in bed with the office she works at. Thoughts? Tips? All is welcome and thank you as always.

I’ve been trying to get in with a few realtors lately. No luck as of yet, but hopeful it will pay off. I did one job for a client and after their realtor saw it, he requested some info so I sent him some brochures and cards. Every realtor I’ve talked to seemed very interested but getting them to actually sell it to their client is something else. I would definitely send her a small thank you of sorts after you finish the job. Certainly wouldn’t hurt and will possibly keep you on her mind when she needs the next one done. I’d love to know if your successful with her or any others. Definitely a market I’m trying to market to.

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We do work with a couple and do their move-ins/move-outs. And PW.
Always xmas to cards and other tokens of appreciation after every job

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Pressure washing your home increases appeal and according to some articles can raise the value of a home upwards of 10,000 depending of the home. Befriending a realtor can def pay off!

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Here is my sales pitch to them: You wash your car before trying to sell it. Why not wash your most expensive investment to get top dollar at closing?" I work with a few agents on a referral basis.


I have a few realtors I get work from every year. One flips houses and owns his own 1 man agency. I get a few jobs a year from him. Other guys are 1 every other year but I work in a vacation home area so people ask their realtors, whom they rent their homes through, for contractor recommendations. I don’t think they can provide as much work as people think.

Realtors have at a minimum monthly staff meetings. If someone can do a demo at their meeting you’re in front of several and they experience the wow factor. Bring juice and some sort of snack for the meeting. Plus, you’re building relationships


Thanks for the advice all just wanted to update everyone on how it finished out for me. After doing the job I was able to make some before and afters of that house on a post card and mailed them to her along with a $25 visa. Shortly after she received those I get another call from someone in her office wanting another house done. The post cards just had a before and after photo with my watermark on the image with some short text on the back. Seems to have worked this round will keep you all posted.


Well I had my first call from a realtor, she happens to own the house and wants all flatwork done and the red clay removed from the stone before the forth of July. Hoping I can impress, and maybe get in with her. She is one of the largest realtors in the area specializing only lake front properties.

I have never removed red clay but know f9 barc should do the trick. Does anyone have any recommendations on removal? Also can f9 be downstreamed for this or do I need to use a pump up. 5.5gpm 2500 psi draw rate is 20:1.

I have already quoted the price of $429 for clay removal and steps going to the lake, and $280 for flat work.

I know this post is a little old, but here is my 2 cents. I am just starting my pressure washing business, but I currently own a commercial photography business and real estate photography makes up most of my work. I have started telling a few realtors here and there about the business, and they have all been very interested in having pressure washing done to boost the appearance of the home before they go live on the market. I am hoping to capitalize on these connections here soon. We will see. I would say it would definitely be a good marketing move to get into contact with realtors. Realtors also network, A LOT, and most of them have a list of preferred contractors that they give to homeowners, my advice, get on that list as their go to pressure washer, window cleaner, gutter cleaner, or whatever else. I am sure that will feed you at least a few jobs a month, if not more.


all true. I recently was invited to a networking event by a top local agent. I met several other agents at the event. It was pretty informal. Appetizers and drinks at a restaurant. At least weekly Im contacting other agents. One issue Im having lately is how fast the houses are selling. From the day they sign with an agent there are only about 3 days till many are sold. They are in a huge hurry to get the pictures and once thats done, they dont care so much if its clean after. Most times Im not able to get to the house quick enough. The more I work with the easier it should get to stay steady with them. Especially at the end of the “season”. Im near Houston so we dont really have seasons and I will wash in December

Some even have weekly meetings. I live in Canada and present to an agency once per week which get me in front of 100 - 200 realtors. They have brought me a steady stream of residentail and commercial opportunites. I am sure to drop off donuts and coffee for the agency at least twice per month. Seems to be working well and building great relationships.