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So I’ve had a real estate company contact me about washing all their new listings and their rentals that they manage.(x2 yearly for rentals. Spring & fall). The rentals are predominantly houses and duplex type dwellings (84 of them to be precise)with a few commercial properties(7 1 story office buildings). I am 100% clueless on how to bid this. I am thinking of putting in 1 bid for the rentals and another for listings, or should I just flat fee everything? Cleaning they want is all flatwork areas(parking lots, driveways, decks etc) exterior walls, gutters and roofs. Im trying to get them to drop the gutters and roofs though.

Any tips, words of advise etc?

I don’t have any soft wash systems. Ive got 4 8gpm @3500 that we use larger nozzles to softeash with to keep pressure under 1k. Going to buy a surface cleaner this week(24" probably)

Thanks yall

Ive heard that real estate agents sometimes take advantage price wise


The next nearest competitor is probably 2 1/2 hrs away. Id assume for them to take the job they’d literally have to keep equipment in the area I’m in 24/7 and hire a local. And I doubt thats something they are wanting to do. So I don’t think I’ll have to worry about competition as long as I keep pricing fair. Just unsure how to price out something this large in all honesty

20 cents sq ft is a starting point,decks are more costly,charge more for roofs also

Charge more for the initial cleaning,too

There are other people more experienced than me here,sorry i couldn’t be of more help,

Can you post some pictures? It will be a lot easier to help if we can see what you’re talking about.

Yeah, waiting on UPS to deliver my new phone today. (Dropped one in a sewage lagoon trying to jet out a hog barn this weekend.) I’ll post some pictures of some of the houses and the commercial properties. None of the houses have wood siding, predominantly vinyl. A few of the commercial properties look like stucco, but I am almost sure its going to be the EID board or whatever its called. I need to go check them today.

Had some hog barn emergency ■■■■ I had to do (slats fell in the manure pit with hogs in the pens). So got stuck doing repairs and pulling hogs out of the manure pit all week (if your ever thinking of getting into agri maintenance because it pays $$$$ don’t… its a PITA and keeping help is near impossible)
I’ll get photos up hopefully tomorrow

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