Ready seal on vinyl siding

Anyone have a solution to removing it?

Any deck stripper will take ready seal off. You could even try outdoor clorox , that has sodium hydroxide in it. How’s life in Upton, lived there in 1978! Country sooper is still there I see! Was in Mass a couple of months ago. Was in Belmont when those ass wipe terrorists attacked.

Lol. Just got some pasta salad from the sooper 5 minutes ago. I love this town, rented here in 2008 and liked it so much we bought our house here.

So you’re recommending a mild sodium hydroxide solution. So I’m gonna have to strip off the oxidation off of the whole side of the house to keep it uniform, huh? How will windows handle s hydroxide?

Rinse windows before during & after. As usual you may have hard water spots

I don’t see any way around the “clean spots” no matter what you do. Like John said rinse windows really thoroughly, you dont want S hydroxide sitting on painted aluminum either…been there done that ! Is it overspray? Or from a stain pad?

I had taped the house off with plastic. I was spraying somewhat carelessly because it was taped. A farely good amount of stain got on the plastic and a good gust of wind pulled the plastic off, then the plastic flapped around and hit the house in a few areas

Well, first off, is there a lot of oxidation? You would have to check. I would just put a little stripper on a rag and clean up the the problem areas, then you can really figure out what to do. You don’t really want to be spraying deck stripper around, especially on a newly sealed deck. from what I remember Ready seal is a forgiving sealer, so it is easy to deal with. It won’t react kindly to stray drops of S. hydroxide. If there are obvious clean spots from the clean up, just talk to the customer and tell them you will come back and rinse down the siding after the sealer has fully cured. You don’t want the oxidation and deck stripper getting all over the deck, especially when it isn’t fully cured.