Ready for the game

Looking forward to the game tonight Roll Tide @Racer

Man I scheduled conditioning for the team tonight hopefully I don’t miss much. I expect it to be a pretty dag gone good game

I may not have a Dawg in the race, but…


Yeah. It’s a wild one so far. Not boring for sure. I’ve had about 3 heart attacks the first 5 min lol

@Racer me too. This one can go either way. Your boys are good and the only real competition this year.

A fifteen point lead here at 1/2 time and I don’t feel even remotely comfortable. Got 2 great teams both with coaches who can make adjustments at the 1/2. Hell of a game so far though. Some great play by both sides.

You’re not kidding. Historically we’re a second half team. I’ve seen Bama pull off some upsets in the second half. I’m not giving up on them but my nerves are shot. Tua needs to settle down and not get so over confident

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He’s been a deadeye except for those 2 interceptions. Lawrence still hasn’t really settled in yet I don’t think. Been a little sloppy on a couple of passes. Good luck

Same to y’all

Good game Clemson. Y’all earned every bit of it. I’m going to bed I’ve got a full day tomorrow and sidewalks tomorrow night

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