Reading truck box latches?

Anyone know where I can order replacement latches for the boxes on our Reading service body? The manufacturer’s site requires all sort of serial #s and such that I don’t have, and they seem pretty standard in size (just most of them are slam or paddle style, not this contraption).

Screenshot 2023-03-05 224345

I got two I’ll send you if you send me your address again

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Definitely going to have to buy you lunch the next time you’re up this way…lol

Might have to be Cook-Out (the only place I know that serves Cheerwine)

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I’m heading to the shop in a bit. I got a couple of them somewhere from repairs from a truck getting sideswiped. I’m pretty sure they are still universal but I’ll send you a pic and see if they have any numbers on them.

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Click to enlarge button isn’t working…

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They are knapheide, not reading. You welcome to then but I have no idea if they will work.

Probably wouldn’t work. I’d have to see the back to have any clue, but most of the ones I see out there for Reading aren’t the right style latch either, so my guess would be no.

It’s probably just part of the screen shot. At my old job we used to screen shot the boss’ desktop on his computer & then open the photo so he could click all over it but nothing would happen.


I don’t know if this helps, I already left the shop. My guys days they tried the latch on one of the reading boxes and it didn’t work. Sorry Charlie.,mid:576462716730329175,oid:6953898816874216682,iid:5290492255841654952,pvt:hg&piu=ps:12&vsr=1

Lol I know I was just being an irritant

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Haha, I absolutely understand! It’s necessary & very important.

Is that not the serial number?

You can also probably call your local commercial truck upfitter and they will probably know what you need. Our Chevy store does commercial trucks and they sell a ton of those beds.

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Probably, but it doesn’t seem to help…maybe if I get a response from Reading it will be useful…

What’s it measure? This one looks like it’s worth a shot unless you didn’t want to replace all of them and you wanted an exact match to then rekey to match

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That might be a winner! I’ll see what the manufacturer comes up with first…

Not looking to do but 2 of them, but I don’t care about keying, it lives indoors when it’s not washing something. We’ve been using the lock bar on that side of the truck to make sure the doors stay shut in transit for a couple months…trying to make life easier for the guys.

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