Re: Australians ; where do you buy your chemicals

Ha ha , we don’t have to hover over the toilet unless it’s an old school longdrop on a farm that is known to harbour snakes that latch onto your dangly bits kind of toilet.
Fat guys don’t eat because they can’t go to toilet so they end up skinny guys.

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Good to know! My mom just got her dual citizenship with Australia. She told me when she dies I inherit the citizenship she now holds. Don’t know how much I’ll use that gift with all the snakes and spiders lol

Still a cool gift , Aussie citizenship is hard to get .
Hope you’re mum enjoys her time here!


She goes every year for a month or so. Her boyfriend is from there.

Although I’m laying here in bed watching crikey it’s the Irwin’s and I could go just to visit the zoo!

I was falling over laughing when i read this

Glad u liked it, I have plenty more of those ha ha, my aussie accent is similar to a comedian from over here called Carl Barron, I’m a fan of his material