Re: Australians ; where do you buy your chemicals

Fellow Australians;

Having issues purchasing the correct chemicals, only seems to be one supplier in all of Australia, not my state either. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks

Ow ya goin’ mate?

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Where are you located, I’m N.T


Every time i see the Aussies post it reminds of memes ive seen translating Aussie to English. Viewer discretion is advised on the following link but theres some funny stuff


Mate u are in the big smoke I’m surprised that you are experiencing difficulties obtaining chemicals?
I’m forced to boil up wild mushrooms and cane toads up here. Works but…


Haha, you’d think so. Could you give me your sources ples

I don’t even know what ya said there. Had to smash out my duzza and go get a trolley. Maybe head to maccas and then to the servo

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Being in the big smoke and mushrooms sure has a whole different meaning in the states.


Hmm yes it does. My best friend just moved to Oregon a few weeks ago. He’s enjoying himself.


It goes legal here the first of the year but I haven’t done any of that since high school. I don’t see that changing but do have chronic back, knee, and nerve pain from injuries so I guess you never really know.

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Well things have changed since high school. There’s CBD and edibles now that can help immensely. You might look into it. My left shoulder is shot from wrestling and I have a CBD oil that helps relax it so I can get comfortable enough to sleep.

I’ve heard a little about it but haven’t looked much into it. I’ve heard some have popped pee tests even though they say it’s not possible. That’s something I’d have to be sure about because when I do Boilermaker work in the off season we get a yearly test, once before the start of each job, and randoms throughout. Between the Marine Corps and Boilermakers you can see why I haven’t considered anything since high school.


Listen lad, only bogans talk like that. The equivalent of a red neck…

My source is the local chemical distributor , I researched the active ingredients included in what the U.S guys are using and found some similar products .
What are u currently using?

This response was meant to be a joke. 100% wholeheartedly joke. But you are talking to a redneck just so ya know, lad.

I guess this is why there wound a lil tight. Don’t sweat it @12_B


Ah, yeah that makes sense. If you’re getting legitimate and legal stuff you absolutely shouldn’t fail a drug screening. CBD and the electric lettuce are two entirely different active chemicals.

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My moms leaving in a week to spend a month in Australia.

Is it true you have to hover over to toilet to poop? I feel like every auzzie is messing with me.

What do fat guys do?

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When I was stationed in Japan all of the public toilets were squatting toilets. It’s kind of funny how we all complained and bashed that toilet and would never use it but we all dug many holes in the sand to squat over. I guess we didn’t have much of a choice then though.


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