Rappelling equipment!

What’s everyone using or recommend? For this job I might need something with a seat. Any ideas?

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Pass on the job. Now is not the time to learn rope and how to use them. Go take a class and figure out what kind of setup you want to have available for the next time something like this comes up.

I am a Rope Rescue Technician and a member of the local state USAR task force. Trust me, take a class.

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I understand what your saying, but the job is six months out. This gives me time to get and learn equipment.

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I second what GT said. Not only do you need to learn it but you need to practice it. A lot! I am a rope tech too, and if you don’t practice it you will forget it. Tie, tie, and tie some more. Good luck.

Jeff Maycumber

Agree with others, probably$400-$500 of equipment (ropes, harness, descenders, pulleys, etc.) will be necessary plus class costs for you and at least one other person who knows how to get you out of a predicament if necessary (and pull you back up after repelling down).

you might find someone over at PT state that has experience with something like this

Talked to my navy seal buddy last night. He is gonna help me out with training and equipment. He was exited when I told him about the job, he loves climbing.

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How is the ninja training going? Get the job?

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get a boat and anchor…use a roof pump with 70-100% bleach mix…some surfact/cling agent…have your guy hand the gun and hose down over the side…check please

The EPA is gonna love you, and they are going to be the ones asking for a check, I doubt they will say “please”

I’m in Louisiana. It’s a lot more laid back down here… Reclaim is almost unheard of in this state.