Rainbow cedar swing set

Sounds like all the steps for a fence. I use caustic soda though.

Im gonna give it a shot.

What did you charge for a playhouse that size?

That turned out great! Nice job!

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This was just a practice one for me, so I can’t help you with the pricing. I’ll give you a few things to think about, though:

Do you need a ladder? I had to get up on an A-frame to do get the roof to come out right.

Do you have to rinse the oxalic? It’s not an issue on the wood, but it leaves a white residue on the plastic parts.

Are you washing the inside and the outside? If you wash the inside, you will get very wet.

Do you want to use a different approach for the wood and the plastic? You can’t really see it in the picture, but the tunnel slide had tiger stripes like a gutter. I don’t know if the caustic soda would clean that.

What’s going to happen to any stain that is still on there? Look at the shutters in my pictures.

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5 minutes rubbing ATF on the plastic if you really want to take it to the next level. Left window is with ATF. Right window is without.

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I wasn’t going to ask about pricing but wondering how long it took. I was just curious if it’s worth the time and effort to upsell them or pretty much shy away from them. Some of those swing sets aren’t cheap so some are probably okay with paying a decent price.


Jury is still out.

I don’t recommend the percarbonate. 30 minute dwell time and I still had to get up on the ladder to hit it all over with pressure. I see no advantage. It’s not strong enough. And this swing set wasn’t even that dirty.

If I was going to do it again, I’d try SH. I think that would work faster and do a better job on the plastic parts. Maybe I wouldn’t even need the ladder. I could just rinse it from the ground. Plus I wouldn’t have to mix up another chem.

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The percarbonate is a spray it and leave thing, with time it can clean, rain will help, but it’s probably better suited for roofs

Absolutely not a spray and leave thing

The advantage is it’s more environmentally safe

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I’m talking about for wood. The ph of Sodium Perc is about 10.5 versus about 12.5 for bleach so it’s fine to leave on a roof.

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