Raft ideas

I’m looking for ideas to make a point on the front of a plastic drum


or pink foam with fiberglass coating,

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Just a quick thought, what about a thick plastic floor mat that goes underneath an office chair. Roll it up kinda similar how we did with poster boards when we were kids to talk loudly. You’d have to probably use to strong heat glue to secure it once rolled.

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So basically like a pontoon boat?

Maybe it’s time to try your hand at a new type of welding🤔. You could cut sections out of another drum to make the shapes needed, and then plastic weld the sections together.

You could use a heat gun to bend the drum inward at the right spots, so each pointed end would be made from one drum, and only welded along the front edges. Then you could weld the points onto the drums directly behind them. Worth looking into, no?

Fiberglass I’m no good at. I’m goingg to try the other ideas. I’ve done the Cape Fear river in various stages, from the begining to the salt water. Trying to make it handle better in swifter water. Thanks for the ideas.

How well did this float? We built one from an above ground pool deck 14’x20’ and it was a bit unstable. Even with rod’s in ground as guide polls.

Floats great. Put about 200 miles on it so far

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I would also look into a plastic welder. I was a river guide & ops manager for river outfitter do 15 years. We welded plastic gear boxes. Good Luck! Looks fun.

Also, you could have a couple made. Try Jacks Plastics. Google will bring them right up.

Thank you kindly

Checker board table



Does your raft have a trolling motor on it or is it just for floating down rivers?

Trolling motor and six batteries. Solar panel. Charcoal grill. Umbrella. Hammocks. Lights. Propane grill. Table. Luxury


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