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Do you guys ever use radio as a marketing tool? It seems a little expensive but in my area I have a lot of rural areas. I think this might be a better way to reach my market but not sure. I am planning on doing mailers but also have been talking to my local station too. They cover over four counties in my area. Thanks

I’ve looked into radio & TV commercials, to me TV would be better ROI. You reach more people, visual stimulating, gets the message across better. It is a little more expensive than radio, but the overall benefits are better. Package I was looking at was around $4000 for 30 days on 10 different cable stations. I forget how many spots ran each day, but it was quite a few. We might pull the trigger on that this year, we’ll see.

To me radio just doesn’t get the “Full” message across…IMO.

I worry that radio for many people is just background noise while they are working or driving etc. How often do you actually listen to the commercials or write down a phone number while you are driving, cooking, you get the idea. I have thought about it and it would seem the only way to make it pay is to be continuous for a long stretch so it can be heard hundreds of times buy thousands of people. I’m not opposed to it, just cautious. I’ve never priced it or TV for that matter.

I dont think it would be a good place to advertise pressure washing services. TV would be better but very expensive and risky.

That sounds like a pretty good deal Guy, definitely a better proposition than radio I would think - our business is all about visual appeal after all.

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Running television commercials would be something that any company better be prepared for action afterwards. 30 days running March April and or May… Nuts. 4k a month. Yea it would be scary the first couple of times but the ROI… way more than 40k I am willing to bet.

Is this just a guess or do you have any facts to back it up. Not trying to be sarcastic. Just asking.

I spoke to a friend today. Independent HVAC contractor. He did radio.

Ten months. $925.00 per month. Saturation, they told him.

Zilch, zero, nada, big fat goose egg, nothing.

We’ve done some low end radio and did okay, but we don’t do it anymore.

A guess. Based upon so many factors that come with effective advertising. That’s a whole other topic from the point I was attempting to suggest. Sometimes those dream jobs or situations people want to create for their company all of a sudden comes true…

Be prepared to do the work is all. In other words, past the branding that would come of an effective television advertising campaign is the operations of the company.

Radio would be great also. Or I should say could be. So many things need to be taken into account. One company could flop like the HVAC guy, but another does it on a different station at a different time with a different message attracting a different consumer. The right voice and the the right script can have every house wife calling and then telling the husband about the house cleaning they are getting just before dinner is served that night.

It’s a gamble. I wouldn’t put 4k on the line when it may hurt payroll. I wouldn’t do it until operations are in order as well. Would have to be prepared for whichever result came of it. And it could possibly be BIG.

Did you ever do the tv commercials? I have been looking into this as well. Very sceptical but I would have to believe it’s got to be pretty effective. You can definitely get your message acrossed better then anything else besides maybe a website.

Brother, this post is over 6 years old. I doubt that half of these guys still frequent the board. I could be wrong but it’s still ancient.

Ya I know lol. I was hoping someone was still around that could shed some light on the topic.

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How many people even watch commercials anymore? Most record their shows so they can watch later commercial free or pause it for 15 minutes so they can fast forwarded through all of them. I bet a commercial would’ve worked well before dvr came out. My guess is that it’s a big waste of money nowadays. Just my opinion though and I have no facts to back it up.

I would think YouTube ads would be a far better option. Everyone watches YouTube for something and most are to cheap to pay for YouTube Red.


Last week I washed a guy’s roof, house and driveway. He just happened to be in charge of the local channels commercials so we got to talking prices. It ranged from Ellen to super bowl. 30 second clips from 130-150. Daytime were much cheaper obviously. I was thinking it could be my target market. Older people and stay at home parents. I wouldn’t mind throwing some money at it to see what happens. Need to get a decent video together and an easy url/phone before I even consider it though.