Quote Call Questions

Just curious if anyone had a set group of questions you normally ask when people are calling us for pressure washing quotes. I have no problem really directing the conversation, but feel like it may be helpful to ask certain questions? There is some stiff competition for pressure washing in Denver, and just want to set my self apart. These are some that I have currently looking for more input.

  • How did you hear about us?
  • What is the timeline for your project?
  • What is the biggest issue you are looking to resolve with our services?
  • Have you used a pressure washing company in the past? Who was it?

Hopefully I can get some more ideas of good ones from the community.

hey Tcolberg, welcome.

Your handle sounds familiar, tell us more about you.

I wrote a response that pretty much details my conversation and then I realized that this was the open forum so I moved it over to the private section where the good stuff is (okay, maybe not my post, but there is some good stuff there).

Yeah I have been on a couple other boards PWI, UAMCC, Grime Scene, but someone just mentioned this one as well so thought I would get involved. We are still a very young company, still under a year, and are coming up on our first full season. Company is called The Wash Squad and we are based out of Denver.

Things I ask:

  • Name
  • Address
  • sq footage/what they want cleaned
    -how they heard about us
  • timeline for the project

Thanks, I think that the most important one on here is “how you heard about us”. This helps you figure out where to focus your SEO efforts.

I really like the “time line for project” question because it gives you a good idea of the customers needs and expectations. I gave a quote to a lady last week and stupid me assumed she wanted it done same day or at least same week and after I gave her the “do it now” price she says she will call me in the summer…kind of frustrating cuz I have her a great deal and she will be expecting that price in peak summer

Britton Emerson
Victoria BC Canada
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This might sound funny but I learned the hard way one time I always ask once you know your project if the customer has water. Never assume that everyone has access to water.

I have a 240 gallon tank in my truck but it was not enough for this big warehouse my boys and I washed. He was using this place as storage at the time but had no access to water. luckily his neighbor across the road did and he was there on that day a Sunday and he let us refill our tank. I offered to pay him for his use but he declined p.s. I am an old mopar guy and he had a lot of old mopars at his place to witch my boys and I drooled over.

But anyway even if I bring enough water for the job now I always ask.

If your going to ask their sq footage and try to give them a phone quote then might as well ask what the home is made of and is it a1 or 2 story.
A 1 story 2000 square foot vinyl home is much faster for us then a 2000 square foot 2 story stucco home so the second will cost more.