Quitting the game

Well, the PW era for me may be done. Not sure quite yet but I should know by April 1. Too many details to explain why but mostly Wendy’s looking for cheaper prices and me not really liking PW enough to market for it. Not sure what is going to happen, so in waiting mode for now.

If it does end, I will be looking to sell my equipment, so keep this in your back pocket, if you’re looking.

  • 6.5gpm 4000psi belt drive, gas, turnkey ignition, AR pump, portable, powder coated frame, B&S 23hp Vanguard engine
  • Wayne burner, 12v vertical heater w/ temp control, powder coated frame
  • 21" mosmatic surface cleaner, 3 bars/nozzles w instant reclaim, castors
  • 200’ non marking blue hose w reel
  • Sirrocco 30PEV reclaim auto pumpout barrel w 30gal sandtrap
  • 300’ vac hose reel, floor mount capable
  • (2) downstream injectors
  • 100’ supply hose brand new, 3/4"
  • SS QCs assorted, 3/8"
  • Variable pressure wand
  • Lots of extras.

If I do sell, I will make a video to show current condition. All equipment is functioning, heater was maintenanced at the end of October.


I am booking you down in my shopping list.

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Forgot to say too, my 2016 Ford Transit high roof would be for sale also.

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What is your vehicle of choice for window washing?


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possibly interested in your reclaim if you end up leaving PW

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Interested in recovery set up if you decide to sell

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Thanks guys. Still waiting.

If i do, i will make a video so you can see it all.

Ok guys, i am going to sell my equipment.
You can see some of it in my power washing videos but i will be making a more updated one once the weather evens out.

Hit me up if interested.

Hi Bubble.Guy,

Where are you located? Maybe this would solve some of the shipping issues if we wanted to purchase some of your equipment.

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I’m in Mass. Where are you? I’m willing to work something out.

Interested in Va

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How much for everything with van ? Pm me please

Here are some pics taken today. Still getting out. Stuff was all winterized properly and needs some cleaning up but is fully functional.

$3500 for Power Washer unit
Cold Water
23hp Vanguard Engine
200’ non-marking hose
Hose Reel
100’ 3/4" Supply Hose

Also have 3 bar 21" Mosmatic surface cleaner, instant recapture, casters. $1000 Pics per request.

QCs, Tips, Wand also for sale but not included

Dual motor reclaim (30gal/portable) with 30 gal Sandtrap (inside van)
Accessories included. (Mats, about 150’ 2" hose, Banjo fittings, hose cuffs, puddlesucker, etc)
300’ hose reel (Pics per request)
Extension cords

12v vertical heater, up to 250 degrees
Coil was cleaned and new burner kit installed 10/2017

I posted prices.


What state are you located in?